Deen Riders Are British Muslim Bikers

Deen Riders is a new Muslim bikers association in London, formed to bring Muslims together from around the UK and internationally. The Deen Riders pose above with their hot wheels on their Facebook group.

In the interest of "sport activism" and creating a motor club, Deen Riders invites people from all walks of life. Training is part of the club to enjoy 'muslimness' in the fast lane.

"Deen Riders is not an exclusive club and you don't have to be Muslim to join, but all members must attend the seminars and lectures to fulfil their membership." - Deen Riders

Deen Riders aims to increase members' knowledge of Islam by riding together and to create awareness by inviting others to the Muslim lifestyle.

Interested? Find a faith-filled furious ride near you and browse through Deen Riders' gallery of successful (and injury free) tours around the world.

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