Exclusive Interview: Tony Blair's Sister-in-Law, Lauren Booth, Talks About Her Conversion to Islam

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Why did Tony Blair's sister-in-law convert to Islam? 

In an exclusive interview with BigThink.com correspondent Mark Seddon, Blair’s colorful sister-in-law Lauren Booth — a journalist, campaigner and on-air reporter for the Iranian Government-owned Press TV channel in London — explains her conversion and spares no words in sharing the former PM's reaction.  

Lauren Booth, journalist, campaigner and on-air reporter for the Iranian Government-owned Press TV channel in London, is not the first Western woman to convert to Islam. But she is one of the most high profile to do so. For good or ill, this is largely based on the fact that she is former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair’s sister in law—and because she has been a high-profile critic of his military ventures from the outset.

I met her recently in her North London apartment just as a U.K.-based, Islamic channel TV crew were leaving, and it soon became apparent that her adoption of the Muslim faith is rooted in something rather more profound than family disputes. Yet despite Booth’s longstanding affinity for the Palestinian cause in particular, it was all a bit of a surprise. What, I wondered, had been the reaction to her explosive piece of news?

"Well in 48 hours I’ve had over 600 messages of congratulations and love," said Booth. "From the Philippines to Peru; from East Timor to East Grinstead. Every Muslim who has wi-fi seems to be sending me congratulations and saying they will support me in the difficult times ahead. Because let’s be honest, I haven’t joined a trendy religion, I haven’t taken up Scientology with the wealthy. This is a difficult one and it is done with real conviction..."

Check out the full article here: http://bigthink.com/ideas/24763


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