Video: Chasin' The Dream - A Challenge For Muslims

From Generation Islam | 25th Dec 2010 | By Jamal Okae & Abu Luqman

Time: 35 min (worth it) PART 1PART 2: Best of Both Worlds
MUXLIM VIEWERS: Watch Chasin' The Dream on {YouTube}

A strong viewpoint in Islam is that this life, material world, this dunya, is like a prison (sijin) for believers of Allah. And this dunya is like a heaven (jannah) for those who deny Allah. Muslims recognise that material wealth isn't built to last and that life is a struggle for contentment and living according to Divine instructions. Society will keep churning out pop stars, scandals, songs, movies and fashion - these fads distract us from "reality", but we keep chasing them. 

Part 1: Here, brother Jamaal passionately describes how this prophetic statement on life is true and what Muslims can do to avoid falling for the see-through dreams (or nightmares) of chasing money, drugs, women, cars and the heart's loves. (Jump to 5:00mins to skip intro)


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