Video: 'Kinetic Typography' Poem on Jannah by Ammar (Leechon Films)

"Content doesn’t necessarily have to be in the form spoken word poetry  –  it should be the area of presenting who you are and what you care about."

Ammar is the head of student leadership development and training with AlMaghrib Institute. He also takes AlMaghrib seminars, he can make talking head videos addressing topics that are relevant to the AlMaghrib student community or topics of general appeal that also resonate with the AlMaghrib community.

The combination of Belal Khan's "kinetic" typography (the art of types/fonts) and Ammar's poem on yearning for Jannah has produced a visually poetic video. This is a new genre of "action-word-poetry" that in addition to voice, graphically emotes a movement and pace of words; yes - we want more. And more, and more.

MUXLIM VIEWERS: Watch 'Jannah' the "kinetic" poem on {YouTube}.

Video & video snapshots: Leechon Films.

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From Leechon Films | Produced by Belal Khan & Written by Ammar {iAmAmmar}

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