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What: The Art of Integration is a graceful and visually poetic reminder that Muslims have been a part of British life for well over a century, and have made and continue to make an important contribution to the United Kingdom's rich cultural diversity.

"Contrary to the headlines and editorializing, the vast majority of Muslims live peacefully and productively in Britain and many have significantly enriched the intellectual and cultural landscape of this great island nation. Peter Sanders captures a few of these wonderful people: physicians, scholars, writers, teachers, calligraphers, rock and folk-rock icons, a city councilor, award-winning architect, publisher, sculptor, graffiti artist, cosmetician, police constable, fashion designer, driver, Etonians, Oxbridgians, and many others. The architectural influences from the Muslim world expressed in Leighton House, the Shah Jehan Mosque in Woking and a Turkish bath in the shadow of the Gherkin contribute to the pageant of images in this beautiful and vibrant photographic essay."
- Michael Sugich, June 2007

Where: The Art of Integration exhibition was first seen in Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt in January 2006. From here it began a tour of the Middle East including Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar. Since then it has been seen in more than 64 cities in 30 countries around the world.

The Gallery
Afiyah works with patients with mental difficulties, who need a lot of empathy. Besides working as a pharmacist she is also a postgraduate clinical tutor and leads medicine management projects. She devotes her weekends to teaching young people.

Three Degrees of Happiness
The Living Islam Camp organised by the Islamic Society of Britain is very much a family affair. These three girls appeared before me and asked to be photographed. Each one has a different size smile.

The Living Islam Camp in Lincolnshire
A safe way for young men to deal with their aggression! Maybe this outfit could be part of a solution for dealing with anger management? {}

Aerosol Arabic
Muhammad Ali, formerly a graffiti artist, nowadays channels his artistic talent into decorative Arabic calligraphy. He regularly holds workshops for young people. {}

Exploring Spaces
Architect Abbas Shah giving a workshop for forty visiting African teachers on how to build a space frame from paper. His company, Mimar Workshops, brings education to life - and life to education.

Emel Magazine - Staff Relaxing In The Spotlight
At the end of a fashion shoot. {}

Peace in the Classroom
Englishman Hassan Morrison, a Muslim school visitor, demonstrates the prayer to a class of inquisitive children.

The BBC's Recognisable Face
Asad Ahmad, newsreader and reporter for BBC's regional service for London. He is also involved in Mosaic, a new initiative established at the behest of HRH The Prince of Wales to help mentor youngsters in our most deprived cities. {}

A Beautiful Veil
"I have always been fascinated by Islamic patterns, the interlocking geometry with its flowing shapes, stars and rosettes. They captured my eyes, heart and mind. The contemplation of these 'spider webs of God' mould my soul and briefly enable me to escape the preoccupations of everyday life." {}

A Meeting With Imam Al-Ghazali
Film director Ovidio Salazar's Al-Ghazali: The Alchemist of Happiness, traces the life and spiritual journey of the world-famous 11-12th century theologian, jurist and mystic.

Poetic Pilgrimage, A Rapport With A Difference
Two poetic rappers, (Munira left, Sakina right) who recently accepted Islam, reach out to a new audience. Men wept at their recitation of a poem in praise of the Prophet Muhammad . They even performed it in front of a group of visiting scholars. {}

A Song For a Prophet
Performing recently at Wembley Arena in front of a ten thousand-strong audience, British composer, singer and musician Sami Yusuf inspires young people to love the Prophet . He is equally at home with the traditional and the modern and his records are great hits in Europe and the Middle East. {}

Images:: Peter Sanders © Art Of Integration

Check out more amazing photography @{The Art Of Integration}


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