Welcome To The Muslim Bedroom: 'Like A Garment' Free Ebook By Yasir Qadhi

*Mature content; read with seriousness.

You didn't expect to read those words from Muslims who have a reputation of being prudish, did you?

In a previous MUSLIMNESS post we featured the blog Welcome To The Muslim Bedroom that educated married Muslims and newlyweds on the how to's for their new intimate lives.

Another breakthrough online service called 'Like A Garment' has been co-created by none other than Yasir Qadhi, presenter on Islam Channel, teacher at AlMaghrib Institute, writer on Muslim Matters.org and all-round sophisticated-cool Muslim guy with shades.

The Like A Garment project includes two free e-books which delve deeper than ever before on issues that arise in the Muslim bedroom - issues which you probably can't discuss with your local imam. These two books are the result of Islamic courses lead by Yasir Qadhi whereby Muslim women and men put forward their anonymous questions about sexual relationships, maintaing romance after parenthood, pressure to perform and what works for a couple and what doesn't. Both books are available to download after a quick email registration process.

But why should you download these e-books?

Like A Garment provides simple but eye-opening information for men and women on Islam's sexual guidance. If you're a married couple you could learn from how to rekindle those early sparks. Muslim women will be surprised to know how men's biology ticks, what visual turn-offs to avoid and turn-ons they can use; while Muslim men can gain a new insight to the minds of their wives - how women want to be "touched softly, protected and held."

Intimacy In The Qur'an

The Qur'an frequently references sexual activity where Allah mentions the process of creation,
"So let man observe from what he was created: He was created from a fluid, ejected; emerging from between the backbone and the ribs."
(Qur'an, 86:5-7).
"Your wives are a place of sowing of seed (tilth/field) for you, so come to your place of cultivation however you wish and put forth [righteousness] for yourselves. And fear Allah and know that you will meet Him. And give good tidings to the believers." (Qur'an, 2:223)

Muslim Romance

There are little acts a husband or wife can do to gain 'spontaneous or responsive romance' which Like A Garment explains in detail, along with speaking a 'language of love' with one another, dealing with stress, and taboo topics of foreplay and sexual arousal. Islam teaches that Allah has designed the human body therefore it's reactions are natural and not haram. When it comes to matters pertaining to the Muslim bedroom, the key issue is not reduction but rather control. Spirituality and sexuality are not mutually exclusive in Islam but there is a relationship between more 'ibaadah (worship) and controlling your sex drive.

Like A Garment is for Muslims everywhere who are blasted with a culture of sexed-up perfect happily ever afters, and who are confused about Islam's frankness on sexual relationships. Yasir Qadhi also answers Muslim converts questions about intimate expectations in a marriage.

Marital Bliss is a Goal of The Shari`ah

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was sent to perfect human character and improve people's wellbeing. He never shied away from teaching his people on ensuring their spouses' rights in the bedroom. After the migration to Madina also, the Ansaar (helping) women were direct but modest in their questions to the Prophet ﷺ about intimacy. This is how Islam, the deen (lifestyle) and blessing from Allah Who is "not embarrassed by the truth..." (Abu Dawud), has created efficient and healthy Muslim communities.

The Hadith Of Jabir | Link to this video: {www.youtube.com/user/DiscoverUTelevision}

Download your copy of {Like A Garment


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