EMEL 'zine On British Converts, Cycling To Hajj and Salwar Kameez

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: {February 2011 issue of emel

EMEL is Britain's greatest selling and most profiled Muslim magazine. In this month's issue emel features an amazing 8 page spread on British women converts to Islam.

More articles in the full issue:
- Three Cups Of Tea - How Greg Mortenson is building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan
- Part 2 of the Imam Ghazali feature: The Importance Of Character
- Sharp and sophisticated Muslim attire for men: Modish Dasha
Geek Shaykh - reviewing the Xbox Kinect V Playstation V Nintendo

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Feature: We Bear Witness
"A recent study put the number of Britons embracing Islam at 100,000 with two-thirds of them women. Sarah Joseph speaks to five converts about their journey to Islam.

Given the perception of Islam as a strange and foreign faith, I am intrigued by how many times converts tell me, “It was what I already believed in”, “It answered the questions that had always bothered me”, “It wasn’t anything new.” Whilst the change in faith may lead to some lifestyle shifts, the essence of the faith seems almost familiar..."

Editorial: Choosing God, by Sarah Joseph

"I have experienced a lot of reactions from people when they found out that I became a Muslim. Confusion, happiness, incredulity, joy, outrage; but the reaction that I am most uncomfortable with is when a Muslim says to me, “You chose to be a Muslim. You are better than I am.”

I do not accept the idea of me being “better” in faith than someone else is. That’s really for God to decide. I know my own imperfections, and as I mull over them I know also that I cannot even console myself with “I try my best”. I know that my “best” can be better than it is currently. We should not judge another’s relationship with God – either to think theirs is better or worse than our own. Our duty is to our own relationship with The Divine..."
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Diary of a Beardless Rumi - A Kiss from India

"It’s been a while since I made my last entry. That’s no excuse for a Spiritual Man because, as everyone knows, spiritual men have discipline gushing out of every hole in their body. But you should know this: if you want to get a spiritual experience then home is most definitely not the place to be.

For a start, people here make so much noise, and there are so many people. In the last year, Aboo’s four brothers have moved to the area. If my uncles aren’t in the house, then it’s my aunties, and if it’s not the aunties then it’s their sons and daughters. It is totally crazy the number of relatives that come in and out of our house. I’m afraid to lift up a toilet seat just in case a relative will pop out..."
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Film review: To Be a British Muslim - A Muslim Who Lives In Britain, by Nadiya Tokalia

“To be a British Muslim- A Muslim who lives in Britain” - simply and beautifully put. Except that for many Brits, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, it is not so simple. Questions about British Muslims- their identity, meaning and purpose are something we encounter on a daily basis; 9/11, 7/7, hijab, niqab, faith school, Islamist, moderate, radical. This is the overwhelmingly stereotypical dialogue that we confront in the media and our conversations with our colleagues and friends...
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