Google Helps Egyptians Tweet

From Illume Magazine | By Jeremy Anderson
A new service created by Google allows for tweeting without an Internet connection.

Speak2Tweet allows people with a voice connection to dial international telephone numbers and have their voice messages distributed as tweets. The hash tag #egypt gets added to the links. The project is a collaboration between Google, Twitter and the search giant's newly acquired company SayNow.

The service has been created for the Egyptian protestors without a connection to the outside world, According to reports, the last remaining Internet service provider in Egypt, The Noor Group, went offline Monday.

We hope that this will go some way to helping people in Egypt stay connected at this very difficult time, wrote Ujjwal Singh, co-founder of SayNow and AbdelKarim Mardini, product manager, Middle East & North Africa at Google, in a blog post.

The numbers are +16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855. No Internet connection is required. There are already dozens of messages on the Twitter profile: {@Speak2Tweet}

:: Illume Magazine

Additional updates on Huffington Post.


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