Human Appeal's Gaza Water Purification Project

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Children in Gaza Need Clean Drinking Water

Gaza Water Purification Project


Gaza's main source of water is Ground water. With it's high population density and a limited supply, water distribution is always a problem. The latest scientific studies have shown that up to 90% of this water is not suitable for human consumption. Dirty water condemns those who are forced to drink it to a disease-ridden life and often leads to a painful death.
Our friends over at Human Appeal International are aiming to build 6 purification units that will serve all 380 government schools in Gaza. This will provide more than 250,000 students with clean water and a path to good health.
HAI need us to help them, with our duas and donations, to implement this project:
1. You can read more about this project on their blog
2. Or, you can donate now via their secure website
Let's make a difference today.

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Gaza Water Purification



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