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"Welcome to the February/March 2011 edition of 

When I heard a Muslim children's magazine was being published in 2010, I admit my first reactions included the words, 'boring, bland' and 'I coulda done that!'

But, subhan'Allah, the Muslim flavoured Little Explorers magazine has melted that icy cynical thinking and developed my love for (1) Islam, (2) children and (3) Islam for children. And Little Explorer's isn't even for my age group.

Little Explorer's latest issue, 'The Adhan, a beautiful call', is a team effort from British Muslims under the supervision of global iconic Muslims, including sh. Navaid Aziz, imam Bilal Philips and life coach Zohra Sarwari.

I give my copies to my cousin aged 3 who loves to memorise the duas and sharp colourful images that remind her of Cbeebies, and my other cousin aged 8 who reads the stories, science activities and activity pages.

Thus, Little Explorers is the only magazine for young children, and for parents wanting to improve their children's Islamic education.

"Issue 4 is full of lots of exciting things to READ, LEARN and EXPLORE! so have fun exploring when you get yours! In this issue, We learn about the Adhan, we learn the Arabic Alphabet, we follow the adventures of Sarah and Adam as well as some great and fun activities and much much more! All of you also get a FREE, full colour sticker sheet to have lots of fun with."

Appraisal from Shaikh Navaid Aziz: 
Perhaps we are the ones who are privileged by Little Explorers. May Allah bless this project and all others like it. Ameen. We have such a huge responsibility towards our future I pray that we can fulfill it.

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