Passion Islam - UK Muslim Magazine (Feb Issue)

What: Passion Islam Media is a Muslim media organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the news' stories and issues overlooked by the mainstream press in the Western world. 

The magazine is a daw`ah project that strives to inspire followers from any background, to challenge the misconceptions construed by mainstream media and to take action to build resilience and cohesion within our communities. Justice and information is essential part of Passion Islam message. The magazine is based in the Mill town of West Yorkshire, England, UK and has a staggering readership of 110,000+ across the UK and the world.

In this month, the FEBRUARY 2011 issue, {Passion Islam} features an editorial expose on the Arab states of tyranny, a report on the increasing number of UK converts to Islam and rare photos of an exquisite copy of the Qur'an.

Plus, Passion Islam's latest issue covers the following:

   → Shameful Terror Laws Remain
   → UK store boycotts illegal Israeli beauty products
   → UK rejects call for inquiry into Afghan war
   → Government moves to proscribe Taliban
   → UK and US hold anti-terror talks
   → ‘US hides war facts from its citizens’
   → Azerbaijani Muslims protest hijab ban
   → Ex-US defense Secretary accused of torture
   → ‘Israel poisoned Arafat with thallium’
   → SPORT: Liverpool could snap up Celtic wonder-Bhoy Islam Feruz
   → Featured: COMMERCIAL LOVE
   → Featured: Islam in Panama
   → Featured: Islamic Wills by 1st Ethical Charitable Trust
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And lots more inside!

Who: The magazine was founded by journalist Shakir Ahmed who, whilst working with several media organisations, felt the national Muslim voice was lost and refuted his first-hand experienced of injustice in the media, which told him 'you only see what they want you to see'.

Why: Passion Islam aims to give a better understanding of Islam to the wider society. The media have much to answer for when it comes to reporting stories about the Muslim community, and Passion Islam hopes to open up doors, allow a Muslim voice to be heard, and to help other Muslim organisations in dealing with the media. 

For press and writer contributions, contact:
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West Yorkshire
, WF17 1AD, UK.
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