Gathered For Change, The Fez Summit 2011, A Radical Middle Way Project

Habib Umar giving an impromptu talk at the Qarawiyyin Mosque, for The Fez Summit 2011 ©

Gathered For Change
In March 2009 a gathering of scholars, faith and community leaders and activists representing more than 150 million believers met in Timbuktu, Mali for a unique summit. After three days of deliberation they issued the Timbuktu Declaration – a historic 16-point document that attempted to tackle the challenges of global economic justice, political stability, violent extremism, environmental crises, good governance, gender equality and global coexistence.

Two years later we meet again in the ancient city of Fez, Morocco to continue and expand our dialogue and further explore potential avenues for innovative thinking, engagement and action.

The Fez Summit in 2011 will bring together leading scholars and thinkers to reiterate the orthodox message of Islam – that of mercy, peace, co-existence and justice. It is about strengthening and magnifying the mainstream voice of Islam which is against all forms of extremism, anarchy and chaos.
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Issues to be tackled will include:
- Means and methods of creating an alliance of the middle way that is robust, pro-active and scholarly-driven
- Understanding all forms of extremism and how best to respond to them
- How to cope in a diverse world through reclaiming and implementing the Islamic understanding of adab al-ikhtilaf (etiquettes of difference).
- Challenges poised by climate change, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence.
- Challenges and opportunities of Islam in the West and the prospects for majority-minority engagement.

MUXLIM VIEWERS: Watch the 2009 Timbuktu Documentary on Vimeo from Radical Middle Way.

Photos from The Timbuktu 2009 Summit ©

Photos from The Timbuktu 2009 Summit ©

This year's {speakers for the 2011 Fez Summit} include:

- Shaykh Abdal-Hakim Murad
- Cheikh Tidiane Cisse
- Habib Umar bin Hafiz
- Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah
- Shaykh Muhammad Gharibullah
- Dr Raghib Sarfraz Naeemi
- Shaykh Ahmed Saad
- Dr Mustafa Ceric
- Humera Khan (founder of An-Nisa)
- Dr Laura Mcdonald
- Shaykha Halima Krausen
- Dr Khalid Zaki
- Shaykh Walead Mosaad
- Shaykh Usama al-Sayyid al-Azhari
- Habib Saleh Al Jofri
- Cheikhna Bin Bayyah
- Shaykh Ibrahim Mohamud Abdulbari
- Shaykh Mohammed Ben Hammad Skalli
- Professor Ahmed El Khamlishi
- Professor Idriss Elfassi El Fihri
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The Women panel from the Fez Summit 2011 ©
(Dr Laura, sr. Humera and shaykha Halima pictured)

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