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Our Partners & Sponsors

Giving Back To Community

MUSLIMNESS.COM has been fortunate enough to work with brilliant organisations and passionate individuals from across the global Muslim spectrum.

We always welcome new partnerships or shameless promotion (it's our motto) so if you're interested in becoming a sponsor, promoting an event or advertising, we'd love to hear from you insha'Allah:: contact@muslimness.com.

All partnerships and sponsorships are handled directly by MUSLIMNESS.COM founder Zaufishan, "salamings". Find other projects which Zaufishan is involved in on {Zaufishan | In A Byte}.

Our Partners & Sponsors

» Muslim websites: Friday Nasiha, Brother Dash, Illume Magazine, Majed's Blog, Muslims In England, Muslim Women In The Arts, Suhaib Webb, The Eco Muslim. Muslim and halal companies: AlKauthar Insitute, AlMaghrib Institute, Crescent Rating, Islamic Poet, Islamic Relief, Human Appeal International, Little Explorers, Muslim Community Fund, Muslim Hands, Soundvision and Sunni Path.

Who We Work With

     » Alt Muslim
     » Alt Muslimah
     » Association Of British Muslims
     » Blessed Islam
     » Crescent Radio
     » Friday Nasiha
     » Green Prophet
     » Human International Appeal
     » I INSPIRE Inc.
     » Illume Magazine
     » Majed's Blog
     » Muslims In England
     » Muslim Women In The Arts
     » Muslim Masculinity
     » Muxlim
     » Passion Islam Magazine
     » SISTERS Magazine
     » Suhaib Webb
     » The Eco Muslim
     » We Are Here | European Muslims Online
     » Working Muslim
     » 1000 Good Deeds
     » 1st Ethical Trust

Where We Are Listed

     » Brass Crescent
     » Muxlim
     » The Muslim Homepage
     » Sisters Who Blog Network
     » Top Ten Muslim Mom Blogs
     » Top 100 Muslim Women Facebook Pages

Who We Support

     » AlKauthar Institute
     » AlMaghrib Institute
     » Brother Dash
     » Crescent Rating
     » emel Magazine
     » Half Our Deen
     » Islamic Poet
     » Little Explorers Magazine
     » Living Islam Festival
     » Kitaba
     » Muslim Community Fund
     » Muslim Women In The Arts
     » Radical Middle Way
     » Rochdale Dawah Centre
     » SunniPath

Get in touch:: contact@muslimness.com

JazakumAllah khair, Wa-salam`alaykum

Your friend in MUSLIMNESS,


A quick note from → Zaufishan, MUSLIMNESS creator

MUSLIMNESS.COM. Savvy Muslims in Media, trendy blogs and Good News. If you too are like, totally awesome, share your ideas by contacting MUSLIMNESS. Sharing is Khayring.

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