Video: "I'm Here - أنا موجودة" The Freedom Hijab

MUXLIM VIEWERS: Watch {"I'm Here" by Jude Chehab on YT}

Jude Chehab is the director of "I'm Here", a 4 minute film based on how the society limits 'Hijabis' freedom of speech. Muslim women are tied down by society's accepted but non-Islamic gender roles; customs pre-determine what is to be expected of them, what the hijab entails and where women stand in the ranking system.

This is what {Jude} had to say,
"I made I'm Here because it is hard for most veiled muslim women to find jobs around the world. Employers and companies or general people are always judging them for the scarf on their heads - the way they are dressed."  
"I'm Here" defies these boundaries. It's uneasy and uncomfortable to watch, but as the Muslim women break themselves free, they speak proudly of their professions without uttering a word.

Director/Producer: Jude Chehab
Written By: Amani Al Banna
Music: Le Trio Joubran
Sound Effects: Jude Chehab


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