What's Goin' On For Nour Domestic Violence Awareness Week?

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

What Is Nour?
"Nour is an organisation which aims to tackle the silent, yet prevalent social issue of domestic violence (DV) in the Muslim community by using Islamic literature from both the Qur’an and the Prophetic teachings as a platform to refute and condemn DV. Our objectives as an organisation are to open the lines of communication and facilitate the access between individuals and our team of Islamic/health advisors, so that they may receive counselling and advice which is sensitive to their faith; we are also working towards providing legal support."

What's Goin' On For Nour's Domestic Violence Awareness Week?
To raise awareness and get more people actively involved, especially women, Nour has organised a mammoth week's worth of TV appearances, speeches, workshops and dinners. Muslimness is humbled to share this Awareness Week with you - we hope insha'Allah you'll attend the Friday's Launch Dinner (March 18th) and spread this good word.

Protect women. Together, let’s end the silence

Nour's Awareness Week Schedule
Date: 14 March at 00:00 - 20 March at 00:00. Watch the trailer...

MUXLIM VIEWERS: Watch Nour's DV Awareness Trailer on YT please share

→ Monday 14th March – Trailer Launch (12am, www.nour-dv.org.uk)
Our first official trailer from Nour, featuring some famous faces and some powerful statements. Miss it! Miss out!

→ Tuesday – Aerosol Arabic (All Day, TBC)
Graffiti or art? Vandalism or statement? It’s not Banksy but our very own {Aerosal Arabic}. Come along and celebrate Mohammed Ali's latest graffiti mural for Nour.

→ Wednesday – Q&A Session with Suliman Gani (7pm, Islam Channel)
Join Suliman Gani, on behalf of Nour, at the Islam Channel to put forward your questions about domestic violence in Islam and finally get those answers you have been seeking.

→ Thursday – Webinar with Jalal Ibn Sa’eed (7pm, www.nour-dv.org.uk)
Join Ustahd Jalal Ibn Sa’eed for our live webinar about marital discourse and its solutions and resolutions in Islam, the non-violent way according to the Sunnah.

→ Friday – Domestic Violence Khutbah (1pm, Masjids)
London masjids will be hosting their Khutbah about domestic violence in a collective effort. Pop into your local masjid and be part of the change.

→ Saturday – Nour Launch Dinner (5pm, LMC)
Nour requests the pleasure of your company, where you will have the chance to enjoy fine dining alongside notable and inspiring individuals, and hear why they have come together to support Nour and help end domestic violence. Confirm your attendance on the {Nour Dinner - Facebook event page}.

→ Sunday – Sisters Workshop (2.30pm, Whitechapel)
Sisters come along with your children and enjoy a relaxed Sunday over chit chat, Q&As, fun and food. To reserve a place email info@nour-dv.org.uk or phone (mobile) 07906420628.

Together, let’s end the silence

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