British Muslims And The Royal Wedding

It's no new news that William Arthur Philip Louis, the young 'prince' of England, is soon to wed Kate Middleton as perhaps the most envious member of their exclusive family. Muslimness is happy for the union but not all that interested.

I give it a few million (£) in the consumer department, some interesting media reporting for the easily entertained and a heck of a wedding cost. I give the marriage 10 years tops.

However, what I have been watching with interest is the Muslim reaction to the Royal Wedding. While labelling is beneath good conduct I cannot resist stooping low to categorise the typical responses from Muslims and particularly with the same sigh and rolling of eyes - the fanatic media coverage of Muslims connected to the holy event. Media, that's a terrorist organisation right there.

Which British Muslims are attending the Royal Wedding?

The BewakoofMuslim
Last month Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) group member (dubbed fanatic and extremist) Emdadur Choudhury, 26, was fined £50 for burning poppies on the anniversary of Armistice Day. Other members of MAC chanted ‘British soldiers burn in hell’ during the two-minute silence on the day. This is disgraceful and not at all representative of how good citizens and Muslims feel. But, ya'ani, "freedom of expression" and all that, right?

To incite sparks again, MAC spokesman Abu Abujandal remarked on his gunpowder plot-type re-enactments for the Royal Wedding: "We are expecting thousands of people to protest. We may burn the flag and the Crown. We will make models of the Royal couple and burn those." If my British cultural knowledge doesn't fail me, pataka's come free with all our celebrations.
Source {Daily Mail}.

Photo:: PA (flags)
In opposition, the charming, the intelligent, the English Defence League has stated that if permission was granted it would stage a counter-demonstration. Can you say yahoo? Further, Scotland Yard recently rejected an application by an Islamic organisation to stage a protest outside of Westminster Abbey on the day of the royal wedding.
Source {Fifty Magazine}.

In anticipation of this additional "get together", 5,000 police officers will be on duty on Friday 29th April, the day of the big wedding.

*Bewakoof: Urdu for dimwitted or stupid.

The Cautious Muslim
As MAC's protesting plans have caught attention, Muslim Council of Britain, the UK's largest umbrella body for Muslim groups, denounced the group's "silly antics" which they said were at odds with Islam's teachings.
"We believe their action on this national occasion of celebration is completely at odds with the ethos of Islam. We remind them of Prophet Muhammed's blessed words, that 'marriage is indeed half of faith'," the MCB said in a statement.

"They have chosen a day when the whole nation will be watching in celebration and cause offence and stir friction amongst the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. We as a community need to stand united against such extremist groups and convey to the nation that this is not Islam.
Source {Politics}

Earlier this month British imam Anjem Choudary warned that an attack is 'highly likely' at the Royal wedding, therefore advisws all Muslims to stay away from Westminster Abbey on April 29, describing it as 'a prime target'.

Choudary said: "Prime targets most probably would be public gatherings like that, so I think Muslims in general should stay away to avoid injury. Maybe when the priest says 'is there anyone who objects to this wedding speak now or forever hold your tongue' - who knows what will happen at that time?

"If my brothers decide to use the opportunity when the world is looking at the Royal Family to pass a message so that we can avoid more deaths of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, that should be applauded." - An opportune time to raise questions.
Source {The Telegraph}

The Interfaith Muslim
Amongst the 2000+ guest list for Friday's roral wedding are leaders of Hindu, Muslim, Jain and Sikh communities in Britain. Much of this guest list has already generated controversy over the presence and absence on it of some individuals. Former British prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are not invited, while Margaret Thatcher, is.

Also invited are Anil Bhanot, one of the founding members of Hindu Council UK; Natubhai Shah, President of the Jain Academy; and Indarjit Singh, Director of the Network Sikh Organisations (UK).

Other religious leaders invited include Imam Mohammad Raza, the Chief Rabbi (Lord Sacks); Bogoda Seelawimala, Acting Head Monk of the London Buddhist Vihara; and Maulana Syed Raza Shabbarm of the Muhammadi Trust.

The royal wedding event is quite likely to see several protests because of the presence of Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohamed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz; Zimbabwe's ambassador to the UK Gabriel Machinga; and the King of Swaziland Mswati III over human rights abuses in their countries.
Source {India Times}

The Homeless Muslim
During prince William's charitable days he slept out at a shelter, bumping into Shozna*, a London Muslim who studied for A-levels and planned to become a hairdresser.

Raised by her Muslim family, Shozna's life turned upside down when in October 2009, she suddenly had a stroke which paralysed the right-hand side of her body and was left unable to speak.

William, being the son of Diana, later met Shozna at an event and broke royal protocol by hugging her. Her personal story of struggling and being left homeless tapped further into William's compassionate side: he invited Shozna to his wedding.
*Shozna's surname has been kept confidential.
Source {London Muslims}.

In the mood for celebrating? Buy an official Royal Wedding stamp, par-tey like it's 610AD and make du`a from the ensuing fitna.

There is a great opportunity to network, see how the 'other' live and cross paths with people of different backgrounds and ideas. But, it's just a wedding folks.

I want an invite. Think of the free food.


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