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In February 2010 I, Zaufishan, was interviewed as a British Muslim designer and writer for Gazelle Media's 'Best Of British Islam' video series. I was particularly honoured to be included with the likes of renowned photographer Peter Sanders, women's campaigner Shaista Gohir, commemorated Indian soldiers from the world wars, and a multitude of regal iconic Muslims.

Captured: The Art of Integration, a photographic exhibition

The series highlights the contributions from these Muslims into British culture - from farming organic families to Muslim policewomen - Muslims which make up the rich heritage and identity of British 'Muslimness'. Even I learnt a great deal about the diversity of Islam; despite the after shock of the 7/7/ London bombings, an increasingly number of people converted to Islam, all of whom carry unique representations of living the faith.

You are here: Diversity in Islam

For my interview the Gazelle Media team touched base with my design work, comic strips, journalism and the obstacles British Muslim women face from society and family culture. We sat in my studio, shuffling tables and camera equipment to get the right shot and angle. I gave them home baked muffins.

A birds-eye-view of Yorkshire in England; rural, picturesque, and home to Muslimness.com

Zaufishan Iqbal demonstrates how Islamic creativity and organised chaos makes "muslimness"

The final film was released for the individuals interviewed and the teaser trailer was uploaded on Vimeo (watch below). There has been mostly celebratory reactions to the videos, 'The British In Mecca' segment was broadcasted on Ummah Channel and Islam Channel, which received immense applaud. However, as Caroline Jaine from Muslim Voices points out, there is uncertainty as to how non-Muslim audiences will respond. Jaine concluded the video was a good move,
"Highlights for me were learning about Britain’s first (and stunningly beautiful) mosque in Woking and understanding the diversity in British Muslim women — wheelie wearing farmers, sassy businesswomen and hijab wearing fashion designers are all in the mix.
I would argue that this piece, whilst being educational to a mild liberal audience (it was recently shown to Cambridge University students), it is primarily of most appeal to British Muslims themselves –  it offers them a cause for celebration of their identity." - Caroline Jaine, Muslim Voices

Best of British Islam video also includes British Muslims making hajj - the pilgrimage...

Patriotic Muslims and...

The colourful contributions of Muslim women towards a more productive Britain

Check it out for yourself and do share with your networks. Al Jazeera will showcase the entire series very soon insha'Allah.

Watch The Best of British Islam teaser from Gazelle Media on Vimeo.

Images & Video: Copyright 2010 Gazelle Media

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