Get Involved: Muslim Women Art Exhibition, “Healing & Empowerment: Violence, Women & Art" - Washington D.C.

We’re so excited for your support and involvement in the 12th Annual MWIA Art Exhibit, insha'Allah! Happening in the Greater area of Washington D.C., you will have the opportunity to submit artwork, win artwork online, purchase amazing resources and check out creative individuals all in the support of Muslim women's empowerment. So what's goin' on?
The Muslim Women In The Arts (MWIA) exhibit in April is themed “Healing & Empowerment: Violence, Women & Art”

Date: April 22nd, 2011 | Time: 6:30-9:30pm (local time)
Venue: Silver Spring Civic Building, MD, at One Veterans Place, Silver Spring, MD, 20910
Contact: E-mail MWIA co-ordinator Nadia Janjua at
Entry: Free, open to all ($10 nominal fee for artwork submissions)

Submit Your Work
MWIA is accepting art work from Muslim female artists in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metro Area (Maryland, Virginia and DC) for their 12th Annual MWIA Art Exhibit, themed “Healing & Empowerment: Violence, Women & Art”. This exhibition is sponsored, and made possible by the Montgomery County Office of Community Outreach, American Muslim Interactive Network (“AMIN”), and Project Sakinah.

MWIA will be selecting a winner from a raffle to receive an amazing piece $150-Valued Work of Art titled:: “Khan-E-Khalili”, a reprint (originally watercolor & ink pen), which is framed in a beautiful multi-tone renewable wood frame, 12″ x 15″, by Artist Nadia Janjua. 

You can purchase a raffle ticket online through Paypal – MWIA simply ask that you donate $10.50 to curb Paypal fees and ensure that all raffle buyers are paying the same amount, OR you can purchase a raffle ticket in person on the night of the event! Read about how to enter the raffle at MWIA's website

**Winner will be announced at 8:30PM at the event on April 22, 2011!**

This raffle is to not only spread art work, but to help us raise the funds MWIA are still lacking to pay our Keynote Speaker and purchase supplies for the Art Exhibit. Please share this raffle opportunity with others, and thank you SO kindly for your donation & support!

“Healing & Empowerment: Violence, Women & Art” : In this one-day event, local artists will give voices to the victimization and empowerment of women affected by injustice and abuse through their art.

Also attending the art exhibition are,
Peaceful Families Project
Project Sakinah
Interfaith Community Against Domestic Violence and,
Farheen Khan (Author and Activist from Canada).

They will provide resources and educate the audience about community issues from their own experiences. Resources for inspiration and education can be found on MWIA's post “Violence, Women & Art” Resources :: 04/22/11 Art Xbt.“

The keynote speaker will be Marta Sanchez, an accomplished author, artist, activist and survivor, originally from Panama, currently living in California. Marta uses art, poetry, music and story-telling in an extremely engaging way to describe the relevance of abuse, healing, victimization and empowerment to victims and non-victims. The event will also have a representative from Project Sakinah give a small presentation, as well as two poetry performances by Laila Kazi and Abir Ibrahim. The presentation will be followed by an interactive workshop led by Marta Sanchez. Finally, PFP, IFCADV and Farheen Khan will have information booths for distributing pamphlets and/or selling books.

Artists must be present to drop-off and pick-up their art work the day of the exhibit, Saturday, April 22, 2011, with no exception. Set up time will be from 1:30-5:00PM on April 22nd. Artists should have all art work set up, and be ready for their portraits by 5:30PM. Art work must be removed from the building by 10PM.

Any medium of work is acceptable; however, please keep in mind that all art work will be displayed on either easels, or constructs made by artists. No walls or ceiling surfaces can be used to hang work on. Tables can be made available for use.

Submission Deadlines
Please send images of your work, including all detailed information and insurance forms to, by April 1, 2011. **Please note: Insurance forms and detailed information about the event have been sent out to our database through email as of March 12, 2011. If you did not receive a copy of the Art Submission Packet, and would like one, please email Thank you.

Every artist or poet submitting work is asked to donate a nominal fee of $10. You can donate in person at our MWIA member meetings, or through Paypal online. Otherwise attendance is free!

Muslim Women In The Arts are still very much in need of donations to help pay the cost for the speakers. Please consider donating through Paypal, or purchasing this exquisite $15 laminated poster online (please add $2.50 S&H).

Thank you,
Nadia Janjua
MWIA Co-ordinator

Confirm your attendance on the "Healing & Empowerment" Art Exhibit Facebook event


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