I Speak For Myself Author, Heba Ahmed's Comeback On France's Burqah Ban

The American Muslim book 'I SPEAK FOR MYSELF' is being released in May 2011. For the past six months masses of excitement has built towards the magnificently authored book about 40 Muslim women, and holy roti, I'm very much looking forward to holding and reading an actual copy.

One of those authors and renowned writer on the MuslimMatters.org blog is sister Heba Ahmed, a Muslim woman who chose to wear the face veil (niqab) after converting to Islam. Both she, and Mona Eltahawy, debated over the pros and cons of the France burqah ban, from a personal and religious perspective.

I will add here that sister Mona has received a lot of criticism for her views but we must ascertain her personal reasons and background before adding further negativity to a matter that is supposed to focus on Muslim women's rights. No Muslim woman is in the firing line: President Sarcozy and the French government are.

The full transcript to this video has been provided by MuslimMatters.org. Feel free to share your thoughts on the lengthy discussion developing on their site.

Muxlim.com viewers: Watch the {CNN debate between Ahmed and Eltahawy on YT}.


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