♪ Muslimness' Interview On Inspire FM Radio, UK: Muslims In Media, Blogging & Eco Jihad

On Sunday 17th April, host of the Arts & Culture show from {Inspire FM}, interviewed Muslimness.com "founder" Zaufishan, about Muslims in the media, blogging and virtual creativity.

Inspire FM is a local Muslim community based radio show in Luton, UK. Shemiza Rashid hosts the Arts & Culture show and took a liking to the concept: "A Kingdom of Muslim Blogs". Masha'Allah.

The radio show with Muslimness was recorded and will be repeated this Wednesday, 20th April at precisely 1:00pm GMT. {Convert time to your time zone}.

Some of the questions Shemiza asked included

Top blogging tips for Muslims
I said: "Ethical, relevant content, a functional layout, and a dedicated team."

What is Muslimness.com all about?
I said: Muslimness.com is a networking platform for cool Muslim organisations, people and events, aiming to promote the trendiest Muslim blogs, vlogs, news on current affairs, and creative Muslims.
{Read About Muslimness - Kia, Kohn, Kab, Kiun?}

Who is The Eco Muslim?
{The Eco Muslim} is a personal 'eco jihad' blog about my green lifestyle; wellies, growing vegetables, eco mosques and building an environmentally friendly Islam right here in North England.

What are the Muslimness comics about?
On both The Eco Muslim and the original "muslimness" {www.zaufishan.co.uk}, I sketch up comic strips on Qur'an ayat, personal experiences, daily events and entertaining situations. See {The Eco Hadith} sketches and {Zaufishan's Muslimness comics}, which are nearing 100!
Eco Hadith by The Eco Muslim

Freedom comic by Zaufishan

Shemiza from Inspire FM asked about the importance of language.
I said:
Language skills are undervalued. With over 1 million words in the English language, our vocabulary is still limited and we resort to foul language and texting as an accepted form of communication. It is an acceptable form, but we need to switch off and have articulate, adult conversations more often.

American Muslim blogs and organisations. What's up with that?
I said: Yes, the American Muslim scene has more action but compared to Britain, it's 40 times larger so there is an amplified American Muslim culture. Things are bigger, maxed out, maxi-sized, everything is "awesome". Even politics is a form of entertainment. In Britain, attitudes are generally more conservative. However, while British Muslim projects are not on the same scale as America, we are just as innovative, creative and revolutionary. There are renowned British Muslim figures in every field, outspoken, and creating change. Hamdulillah.

Muslimness.com's Top 5 blogs. A shout out to:
1. Suhaibwebb.com: The world's "virtual mosque" for Muslims on the Internet.
2. MuslimMatters.org: An American blog reporting on daily Muslim news.
3. Indigo Jo blogs by Matthew Smith: British and informative.
4. Majed's Blog: Based in Rochdale, England, and reporting on British Muslim activism.
5. Sisters Who Blog: A community blog lead by Muslim women on the Ning network.

Sister Shemiza also congratulated Muslimness.com for our video feature which you can watch here: Best Of British Islam series from 2010.

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A quick note from → Zaufishan, MUSLIMNESS creator

MUSLIMNESS.COM. Savvy Muslims in Media, trendy blogs and Good News. If you too are like, totally awesome, share your ideas by contacting MUSLIMNESS. Sharing is Khayring.

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