MOOZ-lum Film Premieres In London

London (UK) Film Premiere of MOOZ–lum

The Salam Project is honoured to present the London (UK) Film Premiere of MOOZ–lum. This is the FIRST of the nine planned screenings in the UK. MOOZ-lum is a youth related storyline, full of motivation to inspire young people to overcome hardship with faith. Supported by Urban Flavas and Trees4Life Campaign.

When is it?
The UK premiere will take place on Thursday 5th May 2011 at Panditar House Theatre, Wembley from 6:15pm sharp. {see map for directions}

Stars of the movie are
→ Nia Long     → Evan Ross     → Roger Guenveur Smith     → Azhar Usman  
→ Kimberley Drummond     → Kunal Sharma     → Summer Bishil

Opening night
Also on the night will a celebration with Urban Slam Poetry performances from American and UK artists hosted by our very own Brother Ismael Lea South (of Mecca2Medina).

Entrance fee: ONLY £8.50 (adults) | £7 (Students) | Under 16’s – ID proof required.
For ticket hotline and enquiries, please call Yaseen on: (UK) 07572 494 672

About MOOZ-lum
If Muslims ever felt their voice in the West and America wasn't being heard, then MOOZ-lum is a riveting film that is stepping in the right direction. Not only does it confront the current anti-Islamic attitude in America post-9/11 head-on, it reveals the struggles faced within the Muslim community.

MOOZ-lum takes movie goers into the life of Tariq, played by Evan Ross — the eldest son in a Muslim-American family who struggles to balance their needs within the Islamic value system throughout the film— as he overcomes the life-long negative experiences he's had with the faith during his first year of college in 2001. The faith of his sister Taqua, played by newcomer Kimberley Drummond, his Muslim roommate Hamza (Kunal Sharma), and his girlfriend Iman (Summer Bishil) are also put to the test when non-Muslim students on campus react to the 9/11 attacks.

The family struggle between Tariq's father Hassan (Roger Guenveur Smith) and mother Safiyah (Nia Long) is a sub-narrative that reveals how conflict of religious conservatism can divide a Muslim-American family living in a Christian-secular society. Each character successfully highlights multiple facets within the faith from a communal, family, and personal standpoint because it's based on a true story.

Muxlim viewers watch the {MOOZ-lum trailer on YT}

Press coverage
Check out Nur Media's interview with Qasim Basir, Director of the film MOOZ-lum.
Evan Ross is a guest on the Mo’Nique Show, reciting Qur'an lines "he can't get out of his head".

MOOZ-lum is supported by Urban Flavas and the Trees4Life Campaign.

The Salam Project
"The Salam Project promotes Peace, Justice, Empowerment, Employment, Social Engagement, Enterprise, Understanding, Education and love by any means necessary".

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