Sarah Joseph On CNN: The Burqah Ban & French Politics

A typical media ploy by CNN is no surprise as the latest debate video on the France burqah ban presents two women scaling the macho politics by President Sarcozy.

While Mona Eltahawy (Columnist, Toronto star), presents important points - the state is usually dictating the boundaries of its citizens, public nudity is also thankfully banned and women blacked out from head to toe do seem to disappear - Sarah Joseph (CEO, emel) counter argues with reality: a minority of Muslim women, less than 2000, are being stigmatised for their freedom as French citizens under a political agenda to secularise an otherwise multicultural country. The more laws a country will bring forward, the more hypocritical their banner of liberty and freedom appears. This is not progression.

France. Two hundred years ago they had "The Revolution" because its people refused to accept the monarchist dictatorship of the elite leaders, they invented the guillotine and heads rolled; they are stereotyically characterised as arrogant, nose-in-air liberalists with a love for self-righteousness. The burqah ban is therefore, no surprise to Muslimness.

Watch the burqah ban video on CNN.


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