"Dehumanized" - Muslims For Justice Webinar

Muslims For Justice Initiative presents a live event and webinar tomorrow, Friday May 27th at 8:30 - 10:30pm (EST): “Dehumanized; look at SAMS, solitary confinement and some of the most devastating tools of the criminal justice system”.

For many of us, we are very much eager to learn about the religious sciences; tafsir, aqeedah, fiqh etc. There is however, tafsir that is knowledge, and tafsir that is action, and aqeedah that is knowledge and aqeedah that is action.

Have you not heard the description of `Aisha (ra) of the Prophet ﷺ (peace be upon him) that he was a Quran walking on the earth? That is a description of his actions.

The Prophet ﷺ said; “The example of the believers in their love and empathy is like a single body, if one portion of it is in pain, the remainder reacts with fever and sleeplessness.”

We invite you to know about these tools used against the prison population in the US in general, and Muslims in particular, so that we as a community insha'Allah can take positive action.

Confirmed speakers include:

→ Syed Hashmi - father of US prisoner Fahad Hashmi
→ Pardiss Kebriaei - Attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights
→ Stephen Downs - Attorney at the Project Salam
→ Craig Haney - Professor of Psychology at USC

Log on to: www.muslimsforjustice.org/confined for a live broadcast.

To listen via telephone, dial: (718) 290-9983 (on May 27th); enter conference ID: 162252#


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