Why You Need To Like 'I INSPIRE'

I INSPIRE Inc., New York

I INSPIRE inc., New York's community organisation, inspiring social change through art activism.

Here is a project to get seriously excited about. I INSPIRE Inc., lead by Spoken Word Poet Dasham Brookins, is a community organisation that's run on the sheer creativity of volunteers and a passionate need to improve our cultural understanding through action. MUSLIMNESS loves it. We think you will too.

What is I INSPIRE?
I Inspire is "Art Activism". We read bedtime stories to sick children. We hold art workshops for community harmony. We support artistic Muslims. We build interfaith bridges. We inspire creative Muslim women. And we motivate individuals to excel in whatever talent they have to inspire their community. It's an immense circle of hope and change.

How can YOU be part of I INSPIRE?
Our first campaign "611 by 6/11" is very simple. Our objective is to get 611 Facebook likes by 6/11. That means YOU simply click "LIKE" on the facebook.com/iinspireinc page and "share" it to your profile for your friends to see and also "LIKE".

Remember the MUSLIMNESS motto: Sharing Is Khairing.

If you are in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area, please get in touch with Dasham Brookins via Facebook {www.facebook.com/brotherdash} about inspiring action you could take.

"We Read Bedtime Stories to Sick Kids"
I Inspire, inc. is a U.S. based nonprofit that uses the arts to soothe hearts and motivate minds. Our signature program is "I Inspire Hearts™" where community volunteers read stories to children in hospitals using iPads. This aids in the mental and emotional health of children helping to make a rather antiseptic environment more warm and comforting to them.
Other programs will be launched in late 2011/early 2012 including "I Inspire Esteem™" for young girls and "I Inspire Bridges™" for interfaith and cultural understanding and collaborative change. Please click "LIKE" and help us help them."

I INSPIRE will be officially launched this June 2011. MUSLIMNESS would appreciate your support and "LIKE" towards this project. {www.facebook.com/iinspireinc}

May Allah reward you and bless you.

Dasham Brookins
Executive Director
I Inspire inc.

For more information: w| www.iinspireinc.org e| info@iinspireinc.org

On Facebook: www.facebook.com/iinspireinc
On Twitter: www.twitter.com/iinspireinc


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