Dj Halal Rocks The Radio World

Keepin' it Halal at the MAS Convention, Ali Mir from One Legacy Radio is the cool Muslim behind DJ HALAL. Photo by Mohammad Mertaban ©

The American Muslim Radio
Located in beautiful sunny Irvine, California, One Legacy Radio broadcasts its Muslim waves worldwide. With increasing popularity and listeners from around the world, One Legacy Radio has been host to a collection of the planet's most influential iconic Muslims.

The Halal Man
As a fantastical mash of sharp presenting styles with Muslim ethics, Ali Mir co-presents the One Legacy's weekly show In The Mix under the pseudonym 'Dj Halal' (brilliant, or briliant?) Perched alongside is the "bird-man" Sami Matar, whose wit fuses with Dj Halal's inquisitive banter into a unique brand of "muslimness" that is refreshing and thought-provoking.

While mainstream radio shows focus on pop culture, and Muslim radio shows tackle popular issues affecting Muslim communities, Dj Halal takes One Legacy to a human and soulful level. Amidst the hilarity and chatty call-ins, listeners are educated on Islamic topics such as Arabic linguistics, historical Muslim figures, modern day dilemmas for new Muslims, and frequent mentions of the probing Cha-cha ji's - representing the stereotypical but real generational clash.

In The Mix also features outstanding individuals from the local Muslim community who have excelled in their talents, who are involved in activism, and contribute to society with the practical implementation of their specialist field of knowledge.

MUSLIMNESS asked Dj Halal (and his agent) what else they talked about:
"We've had segments on various topics (and we mean various!): the rights of a Muslim, eating halal food; dealing with death, revolutions, the effect and influence of Facebook, du`aa' (Muslim prayers), fashion, the prophets of Islam; amazing convert stories; Allah, Ramadan. We've also discussed pornography's detrimental effects on the community, and interactive segments like Word on the Street, which has dealt with many hot-button current event topics like Shari`ah or marijuana." - Dj Halal & Co.

Street Talks: Dj Halal Olr | Link to this video: {}

Past guests have included:
Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick; Qasim Basir, director/writer of "Moozlum", Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, Muslim singer Maher Zain; Hassan Elwan, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Faqih; Omar Offendum; Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jandga, several humanitarian workers from organizations such as, but not limited to, ShineHumanity, ICNA, CAIR, MPAC.

In my most American accent, I have only two words to add: awe and some.

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Thank you One Legacy Radio team, Dj Halal and all else involved in this brilliant effort from across the pond. A personal thank you to sister Aminah A. Rahman also. May Allah reward you all. MUSLIMNESS hopes our British presenters can take more active initiative from your enthusiasm.


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