Khadijah's Caravan In New York

Khadijah, the beloved historical figure in Islam, successfully tied various traditions to a common route. Inspired by her example, we now interpret the caravan - which was once used to transport goods across the desert - to serve as a vehicle for cross-cultural exchange across the urban oasis.

What the Heart Sees, our photography and oral history program for Muslim youth in New York City, is heading to the Allied Media Conference (AMC)! The AMC takes place every summer in Detroit, and is all about independent grassroots media-making, with skill-shares, panels, open meeting spaces, and more, with diverse attendees and a DIY attitude. We want to go to participate, network, grow, and learn, from the hundreds who are coming to the AMC from all over North America, in order to improve and expand our own media-making initiatives, such as our youth photography workshop series. We will also be presenting a workshop with Muslim media-makers based in Toronto.

We need to raise money to get to the AMC, and that’s where you come in. We need your help. If you can donate 10, 20 or more, that will allow us to get Khadijah’s Caravan to the AMC in Detroit near the end of June, that would be great! We need to raise money so that we can take KC folks, especially some of our youth members, to represent media-makers who are Muslim, who are youth, and who are from NYC.

If you can donate to help Khadijah’s Caravan get What the Heart Sees to the AMC from NYC (like the rhyming?) please email us at and let us know how you’d like to contribute.

Here’s more info about us and our photography workshop series, and check out our {video} from last year’s series in Queens!

About Khadija's Caravan
Khadijah’s Caravan connects people, places and communities through spiritually-based activism. Our aim is to support and encourage values of compassion and justice by focusing on art, education, and entrepreneurship.

Khadijah's Caravan welcomes you to join us as we journey to understand and connect the spaces we move through, the issues we encounter, and the communities we claim.

About Our Program 
What the Heart Sees is a photography workshop series created for Muslim youth in New York City. In our first edition of this series, the program worked closely with those living in Queens who were within the ages of 13 -18 years old.

The 16-week long program enabled participants to connect photography with activism. As American Muslims continue to have the glare of the spotlight on their communities, it becomes imperative that we take control of how we are pictured and who tells our stories. A significant voice that often goes missing is the voice of our youth. Out of this need to for safe space in which youth can discuss topics that impact their daily lives and can effectively advocate for themselves, What the Heart Sees was created. We just finished our second series which took place in Staten Island, and will be having our third series this summer in the Bronx.

Thank you for your time and support!

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