Khaleeji Clothing, A Fashion Revolution

Khaleeji Clothing Co."We’re more than just a clothing line, more than just a movement, we’re a revolution!"

Khaleeji Clothing, to be launched later this year, are a fresh new company, geared towards providing atypical status-quo clothing for Muslims, and the regular people of the streets.

Gareth Bryant, a native New Yorker, is co-owner of Khaleeji Clothing Co. (photo). Gareth is also the Co-Founder of Da`wah Unlimited Alliance (D.U.A.), a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization which started in 2000 committed to properly educating the general public about Islam and Muslims.

Since becoming a Muslim at the age of 15, Gareth has partaken in extensive studies of the Islamic sciences and Arabic under a variety of well-known North American scholars, including Imam Siraj Wahaj and Dr. Bilal Phillips.

Is Khaleeji a mainstream Muslim fashion?
"We especially want Muslims out there to know that they can still be good Muslims, and be fashionably trendy, at the exact same time. You don't have to sacrifice any of your Islamic principles in the pursuit of good fashion. Unfortunately, there’s a huge stigma among Muslims generally that makes them view fashion is an industry that only a Non-Muslim can thrive in."

Do you think Muslims - and Muslim men - can have a place in the fashion industry?"
"I’m here, speaking on behalf of everyone who is party of the Khaleeji family and movement to say that we aim to obliterate these types of ugly stereotypes which are embedded in the psyche of Muslims, especially Muslim youth. To everyone else: we desire to set a precedent of top-quality clothing, to let people know that Muslims are just as fashion-savvy as everyone else, and that we want to share our unique sense of fashion to everyone. We exist to be inclusive, as opposed to being exclusive. Our approach to fashion is universal, just like our humanity."

Photo: Tariq Brown, Muslim Heat Media

Why does Khaleeji use Arabic inspired slogans?
"We're not tied down by Arabized, or archaic robes and turbans from the 7th. century, C.E. We want people to know that Muslims can be up-to-date in our fashion sense, yet still hold fast to our Islamic identity at the same time. We want Muslims to have a sense of fashion, independent of the rest of the Muslim-World/Arab-World. We seek to produce quality clothing which is Islamically-compliant, yet socially acceptable in the respective societies that Muslims in Non-Muslim countries live."

And the name 'Khaleeji', what does that mean?
"As for the logo that we’ve chosen for Khaleeji, we wanted it to represent resilience in the face of adversity. If you look at the Khaleej (the Persian Gulf region of the Middle-East specifically) geographically, it's a harsh environment: sand, sand, and more sand. But, Allah has made things, like the Palm tree survivors in such harsh surroundings. That's what we want to represent, Muslims in Non-Islamic lands, living under Non-Islamic rulership, yet still surviving and striving."

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