Little Explorers Ramadan Magazine

Subscribe OnlineAn update from our favourite and the only magazine for Muslim children, Little Explorers.

Due to the anticipation for the Muslim fasting season, Little Explorers are releasing their Ramadan issue early.

Ramadan for little Muslims

Issue 7 will be released during the 3rd week of July, almost one week before the start of Ramadan ('guesstimated' for 1st August 2011). Why is it early? "So that our Little Explorers can learn and prepare for the blessed month of Ramadan."

More awesomeness
As well as an pre-Ramadan edition Little Explorers are sending all current subscribers a double sided re-usable reward chart, which will be on sale for non-subscribers as "a great big Jazakallah khair for all your support and for investing in Little Explorers".

LE have more freebies to give away as later this year their very first children's activity book is being published to enjoy over the summer break.

Last year's LE Ramadan issue was a huge hit, prompting a unique TV advert of the Little Explorers which was shown on Ramadan TV.

"Jazakallah khair to everyone for your support, ideas and encouragement. May Allah reward all of you for your contributions. Please always remember the LE team in your duas." ~ Little Explorers Editor

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