MUSLIMNESS Welcomes Lori King, Our New Writer!

The {M} Team give a whopping virtual man-hug and 'salamings' to greet our newest contributor, brother Lori King, the English Muslim who tells it like it is. And it's usually loud.

Lori 'Zakariyya' King is a performance poet (under the alias 'zkthepoet'), trainee professional wrestler and aspiring short-story writer.

Born in Hammersmith in 1983 and raised in Richmond, Lori converted to Islam in college and married two years later. Having spent time in telecommunications and sports reporting, he now edits Islamic documents whilst attaining his teaching qualifications. The father of two currently resides in the Isle of Dogs after stints in Qatar and Egypt.

Please join us in welcoming Lori and making a du`a for his studies, performance career and family. Follow his notes and thoughts on


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