SISTERS Magazine On Rediscovering A Better YOU

This month, SISTERS Magazine offers you a refreshing journey of renewal and rediscovery. Have you got your copy of SISTERS yet? What are you waiting for?

In the June issue:
→ Rediscover the legacy of Khadija (ra).
→ Renew your mind and body in our new Wellness column.
→ Rediscover the power of bonding between mum and baby.
→ Renew your friendships post-marriage and rediscover your confidence.
→ Rediscover the many purposes of the mosque in our exclusive mosaic, “The Community Mosque”.

→ Follow the stepping stones on the path to understanding the Qur’an.
→ Discover the factors contributing to the death of a love of learning.
→ SISTERS Reads and discusses the controversial Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom by Amy Chua.
→ Don’t miss our fabulous selection of wraps and bags.
→ Have allergies? Try our delicious allergy free banana clifake.

Don't miss this month's issue of SISTERS, the magazine for fabulous Muslim women!

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