Are You Attending Missouri's Ramadan Festival?

“Ramadan: It’s Not All About Fasting”. The fantastic Multi-faith and Cultural Charity Event organised by Tent of Scattered Pearls - (TSP) A Muslim Woman’s Study Group.

"It will be a fun and informative time with prizes, gifts, shopping, and a lunch of wonderful International Cuisine."

Date: July 17th, 2-4pm
Venue: The View (Grandview Parks & Recreation Center,13500 Byars Rd. Grandview, MO 64030)

Tent of Scattered Pearls - (TSP), based in Kansas City, Missouri, are a non-profit charity ran on volunteer work to improve local community relations, projects of social awareness and educational development.

Come join TSP's Ramadan Festival on the 17th July, teaching how fasting can be done in a “healthy” and beneficial way, and stop by for friendly advice at The Medina Clinic, a free health facility in Missouri.

What’s in the works for TSP now?
After completing a successful Janazah Seminar, TSP are currently structuring continued educational classes on this topic.

How YOU can help
If you live in the Kansas City metropolitan area, TSP could use your help on the following - get in touch no later than July 6th please:

  • Contribute towards covering the cost of renting the facility. Currently $300 are needed.
  • Have your business, study group, or organization sponsor a table at just $40. You may then choose to use these 8 seats for your own group, invite your own guests, or donate them. You will be provided with your company/group name on the table and be listed in our program as a supporter of the event.
  • Donate gifts and/or gift certificates to be used for prizes and gifts at the event. Again, a public announcement will be made for whomever kindly donated the item.
  • You could give cash donations to help cover advertising and printing costs.
"Our goal, insha'Allah, is to exceed our costs and apply our gains to our future projects which include classes and other projects supporting our community." - Tent of Scattered Pearls.

For more information and to participate behind the scenes, get in touch:
w |  e |
t | 913-787-1646

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