Begin Ramadan With Living Islam Festival, The Full Line Up

A beautiful way to prepare for Ramadan, the Living Islam Festival begins on the 28th July in the serene Lincolnshire countryside. Everyone attending will pray Friday prayers (Jum'ah salat) on an open field; children riding horses, the youth protecting the congregation - this truly is "living Islam".

While many more artists and speakers are to be confirmed, Living released the latest update of iconic faces to attend the camping event. Performers include Zain Bhikha, Maker Zain and Dr Hany Al Banna and Sheikh Halal Salem are in the line up of important talking heads.

This July insha'Allah MUSLIMNESS will be attending, behind the scenes and leading a group of young'uns as a Scouts Leader. Hopefully, the casualty rate will be lower this year. I kid.

We'll be there. Will you?


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