Get 'Fit4Ramadan', The Fitness Program For Muslims

Attempting to eat better, feel healthy and exercise during Ramadan sounds like a monstrous feat. So ask yourself, do I want to stay fit enough to Fast, Pray, Work, and Study whilst fasting?

Gaining the blessings of Allah through Qur'an is step one to a healthy mind. The second step is maintaining a healthy body.

What is Fit4Ramadan?
Fit4Ramadan is the first web program launched to give Muslims a head-start to healthier fasting.

The training program was created from over 8 years of research in the health and fitness industry by personal trainer Imran Ilahi, a London based Muslim.
"I have developed a revolutionary new Fit4Ramadan Program, which is designed specifically to help busy Muslim men and women, students, business owners, and parents with young children, get the most effective results in the least amount of time in Ramadan." - Imran Ilahi

In defiance of "fad diets" and dubious advice, Imran Ilahi's program is scientifically proven and tested with inspiring results. The training begins by following a simple workout schedule before suhoor - the morning meal before each fast, and another workout after iftar, the second meal for opening the fast.

The Fit4Ramadan program boasts a host of additional benefits, including:
  1. Improved energy to perform Tarawih prayer
  2. Strengthening of muscles used for prayer
  3. Controlling weight gain
  4. Improving mind and body health
  5. Reduced stress
  6. Planning to help you live a healthier Ramadan
  7. More personal productivity during Ramadan

Imran's personal mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of Muslims in Ramadan by teaching them the correct way to integrate manageable fitness methods into their Ramadan plan and daily lives. "My goal is to help 1 million Muslims around the world to get into the best shape of their lives", said Imran.

The success of Fit4Ramadan in the past, from television appearances to published articles, has boosted Imran Illahi's reputation as one of the UK’s most respected trainers.

Members who register for the program will also receive personalised advice. The free e-book available after registration is an information-packed 30 day fitness guide providing detailed guidance on meal planning, checking your nutritional intake, battling bad habits and strategic rewards - well, you have to reward yourself on `Eid don't you!

And the part MUSLIMNESS respects the most: 10% of the proceeds will go to charity. Masha'Allah, whatever Allah wishes.

"Achieve your goals. Get Fit4Ramadan. All you need to do is take action."

Register now to receive the awesome free Ramadan ebook:


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