Passion Islam Magazine On Better Muslim Citizens, Dutch Anti-Slaughter Ban And Islam In Greece

July's issue of Passion Islam magazine shares an exclusive poll which suggests mainstream news agencies (ITV, BBC, SKY) report with bias against the Islamic faith. Also featured is the Bank of England's new Shariah sector, Saudi Arabia's plans to distribute the sacred Zam Zam water in Madina, Holland's new bill against ritual meat slaughter and a historical look at Islam in Greece. Passion Islam 'zine is available free to download as a pdf file.

→ EXCLUSIVE: News channels are biased against Islam’ say British Muslims
→ Editorial: ‘Prevent’ only targets Muslims and not far-right extremists→ Britain falls into Israeli regime’s trap
→ Anti arms group to sue government over Saudi deals
→ Muslims lauded as better citizens in UK
→ Bank of London launches Sharia compliant web-based FX trading platform
→ Several Israel spies arrested by Hezbollah
→ Plan for Zam Zam distribution water centre in Holy City of Madinah
→ Dutch MPs vote in favour of ritual slaughter ban
→ U.S. Launches Drone Strikes In Sixth Muslim Country
→ SPORT: Female Weightlifter wins right to wear hijab
→ Featured: Islam in Greece
→ Featured: Biblical Prophecies on the Advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

And much more inside!

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