Take The 10 Day Ramadan Prep Challenge

If getting into 'Ramadan mode' is a guilty challenge and preparing for 30 days of fasting feels burdensome, you need a dose of Ramadan Prepping, son.

Behold! Be inspired by ten iconic Muslims from July 21st onwards on preparing for Ramadan mentally, practically and healthily. Listen to motivating talks that will put the Taqwa back into life and gear you towards a more productive fasting season.

Instead of staring at Ramadan the day before with bewilderment or panic, take the time now to gradually build discipline and a positive spirit a day at a time.

Leading up to Ramadan eve, the whole ten day program is free and open to all.

Date: July 21st and July 30th.
Time: 6:45 pm – 8:00 pm CST/ 4:45 pm – 6:00 pm PST/ 7:45 PM – 9:00 PM EST

The schedule and speakers are as follows:
• Day 1: Omar Soleiman | "Let the hearts submit"
• Day 2: Hanaa Gamal | "Ramadan Fiqh and Women"
• Day 3: Wissam Sharieff | "Ramadan & Desires:
• Day 4: Abdelrahman Murphy | "Youth: Balancing School"
• Day 5: Yaser Birjas | "The Art of Excelling in Ramadan"
• Day 6: Farhat Hashmi & Aisha Altaf | "It's A Special Time for Moms"
• Day 7: Nouman Ali Khan | "You & Qur'an - A New Beginning"
• Day 8: Waleed Basyouni | "Ramadan Changed History & It Can Change You!"
• Day 9: Dr. Bashar Shala | "Living A Healthy Ramadan"
• Day 10: Gyasi Mckenzie | "The New Muslim Experience"

Link to video: {http://youtu.be/4g_W5F1mhNo}

Confirm your place on the Ramadan Prep Facebook events page.

Register now: {http://ramadanprep.com}

See more Ramadan tips on {The Eco Muslim}.


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