Baba Ali Webinar: Finding Halal Love

Marriage. That one word pricks at our ears with intrigue and excitement. Yet for many young Muslims, getting married can be a arduous challenge that polarises cultural values against Islam.

Muslim entertainer Baba Ali (Ummah Films, Half Our presents a webinar this August with MUSLIMNESS writer Aaqib Ahmed (iPoet), on how to strike a balance between social pressure and Muslim practice.

The webinar is an ideal opportunity to ask marriage advisor Baba Ali - experienced in matrimonial life - your important questions. Although there are no guarantees to finding your ideal spouse, Ali and co-host Aaqib aim to raise awareness of the struggles in choosing a partner, dealing with family involvement and reacting appropriately to pressure.

Date: 20th August | Time: 4-6pm GMT
Speakers: Baba Ali, hosted by Aaqib Ahmed.
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The conference will also cover:
  • How to find the right spouse the halal way
  • How to keep patient with culturally minded parents
  • How to avoid the fitna (tribulations) of freemixing during the summer on Facebook and offline

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