Fasting For Ramadan As A Non-Muslim

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Zac Parsons, married, a devoted father, and "non-Muslim", is fasting for Ramadan. Why? His journey is a test of manning up, of finding inner peace and showing solidarity with Muslims. Sharing his first-hand experiences of thirst, the 'Ramadan breath' and family and work life, Zac Parsons writes with humour and a growing understanding of why Muslims fast.

On day three Zac Parsons shows a steady determination,
"I sat on the bench staring at my iPhone as it screamed at me 7:58!!! for at least 200 seconds. I popped the lid off of my water bottle, willing my phone clock to turn with a harsh stare. Finally, when that lovely 8 lost one of it’s curves, I took a deep, long swig...

I could feel my saliva changing. Instead of serving the role of softening my food, during my fast, it has become my internal water fountain. I know that sounds gross, but I’ve been experiencing some real psychological nourishment from my salivary glands. While I expected to be dry-mouthed during this fast, I have been surprised to discover that its more of a thickening of my saliva than a straight drying out.

My breath isn’t peachy during the fast, but during Ramadan, this is seen as a blessing to God.

“The change in the breath of the mouth of him who fasts is better in Allah’s estimation than the smell of musk.”

Fasting As A Non-Muslim -
I’m not a big fan of musk, but the point is well taken.

I went out during the next shift and promptly scored the first goal of the game. Despite the mental strength that this fast is bestowing upon me, I’m gonna go ahead and thank H20 for that one.

10% of the fast is completed. Tomorrow is another day.

I can do this."

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