"Hablamos Islam", Children Speak Spanish Islam

We speak Islam, young Muslims enjoy reading “The hadiz of Yibril” in Spanish.  

A new Muslim identity has sprung from the darknesses of Europe. From a continent where women are banned from wearing the burqah, Islam has moulded a brave personality for Muslim children who speak Spanish across the ocean.

Meet Ahmed. Ahmed is Muslim, a puppet with its (or his) own video series and the key representative for young Muslims in New Jersey saying "hablamos Islam" - We speak Islam.

The video series is just one department of bilingual products for young American Muslims. Hablamosislamninos.com has published a line of Islamic books in Spanish that are perfect for bedtime reading. The site also launched activity books and Ramadan songs in time for the festive fasting spirit.

Here Ahmed the adorable puppet encourages little Muslims to read. *Spanish with translation below. We welcome corrections!

Link to video {http://youtu.be/HAbuWfpm_0o}

"Hablamos Islam con Ahmed!
Aprendiendo todo lo que debemos saber
Porque buenos musulmanes queremos ser
Hablamos Islam con Ahmed...

As-salamu `alaykum…
Hola niños.
Estaba leyendo, ustedes saben, a mí me encanta leer
Y también me gusta cuando mis papás me leen
Porque así aprendo mucho
¿Pero ustedes saben cuál es la manera de aprender aún más?
Es diciendo un du’a muy especial que Allah le enseñó a nuestro profeta Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Este du’a se encuentra en el surah Taha, esta es la sura número 20, en el verso número 114.

Allah dice, le dice al profeta Muhammad (peace be upon him) que diga “Rabbi zidni `ilma”,  eso significa “Oh mi señor, auméntame en conocimiento”.

Es un du’a muy bonito, porque nos enseña a pedirle a Allah que nos aumente en nuestro conocimiento, para poder aprender más y más.

¿Pueden repetirlo conmigo? ¿Listos?
Rabbi zidni ilma - Mi señor, auméntamen en conocimiento.

Ah, Masha'Allah, ese du’a es muy, muy bonito.
Nos enseña no sólo a buscar el conocimiento del Islam, sino también de otras cosas.
Insha’Allah, deberíamos memorizar este du’a y decirlo durante todas nuestras oraciones, para que Allah nos haga muy, muy, muy inteligentes Insha’Allah.

Bueno niños, voy a seguir leyendo.
Les hago un du`a por venirme a visitar nuevamente.
As-salamu `alaykum…"

"Let’s talk about Islam with Ahmed!
Learning everything we need to know
Because good muslims we want to be
Let’s talk about Islam with Ahmed.

As-salamu `alaykum…
Hello kids.
I was reading, you know, I love to read

And I like it too when my parents read to me.
Because that way I learn a lot.
But do you know how to learn even more?

It’s by saying a very special du`a that Allah taught our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

This du`a is found in the surah Taha, this is the surah number 20, in the verse number 114.

Allah asks prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to say “Rabbi zidni `ilma”, which means “Oh My Lord, increase me in knowledge”.

This is a very beautiful du`a, because it teaches us to ask Allah to increase us in knowledge, so we can learn more and more.

Can you please repeat it with me? Ready?
Rabbi zidni `ilma - My Lord, increase me in knowledge.

Ah, Masha'Allah, this du`a is very, very beautiful.
It teaches us not only to seek for knowledge of Islam, but also of other things.
Insha’Allah, we should memorize this du`a and say it in all our prayers, so Allah makes us very, very, very intelligent Insha'Allah.

Okay kids, I’m going to continue reading.
I’ll make a du`a for you for coming and visit me again.
As-salamu `alaykum…"

Hablamos Islam is a welcome and entertaining range of videos even when you're a tad lost in translation, which is why it's high time you taught your children Spanish!

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Stay updated on the official page:: Facebook.com/hablamosislam

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