Passion Islam On Australian Muslim Increase, Imams In German Military And French Prayer Spaces

PassionIslam August 2011

In this month Passion Islam magazine looks at Muslim freedoms growing strength to strength. The Australian Muslim population increases as reports state more convert to Islam, France provides leeway for prayer spaces and the German Military may soon have its own imams.

Due to the current famine crises in east Africa, Passion Islam magazine is encouraging readers to donate through the Ummah Welfare Trust {} to save Somalian lives.

→ Extend a Hand to Africa
→ Editorial: The Religious & Political narrative that feeds Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism
→ 7-month jail for Navy medic who questioned Afghan War
→ More flexible airport security in UK
→ British Warship recognised in Libya role
→ Spain to Build High-Speed Rail Network Linking Medina-Makkah
→ UN Condemns UK’s Anti-Muslim Attitudes
→ Islam is the fastest growing religion in Australia
→ Paris seeks out new prayer spaces for Muslims
→ Muslims call for imams in the German military
→ SPORT: South African cricketer reverts to Islam
→ SPORT: Qatar World Cup Stadium to be the most expensive
→ Featured: Object of Ramadan
→ Featured: The Greatest Return
→ Featured: Windows of the Mind

And much more inside.

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