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This summer, Silk Route Clothing are running an open-to-all competition for jilbab designs that they will make and sell worldwide. A jilbab is a long tunic-style garment catered to women, also referred to as a kaftan or thobe, depending on which part of the Muslim world you're in.

Silk Route is a London based fashion enterprise specialising in providing creative avant-garde abayas for chic Muslim women. Their success is down to solid materials and functionality that only a professional knows. In the Silk Route StyleIn annual competition, three amateur designers will be chosen to have their creation produced and sold worldwide.

"We are looking for elegant, urban, sporty and simple yet sophisticated designs. The competition is open to everyone of all ages and faiths and you don't have to be a professional designer either." - Silk Route representative.

The jilbabs by Silk Route are diligently categorised to suit the various needs of Muslim women today; from smart work, to an ‘urban studio’ range as well as a sporty selection for the trendy youth. When asking Silk Route is there was a change in Muslim women's style trends they said, "Yes, the younger generation are being inspired by global fashion brands and are bringing those styles to their designs."

With personal style being a major component to Islamic attire, more women look to practicality. "There is also an aspiration to make the jilbabs more functional, for example jilbabs that become 2 pieces and jilbabs for sports."

Launched only 5 years ago, Silk Route has grown to become an immensely popular global brand synonymous for providing stylish modest apparel. Today, Silk Route are keeping their objective fresh with the launch of a new website and pioneering design competition.

Three lucky winners will get the magnificent opportunity to have their own jilbab design produced and featured within Silk Route’s Spring 2012 range, as well as being published by seven International Magazines.

The triumphant sole winner will also receive a £500 cash prize, exclusive chat with fashion designer Rabia Z and a chance to harness their talent by working with the Silk Route design team on a paid 6 month internship.

How Can You Win?
All you have to do is submit a jilbab design that caters to Silk Route customer needs of coverage and style.

Every entry will be published at the dedicated competition website, where the designs can be viewed worldwide and voted for. If you’re not a designer and need inspiration, check out the entries submitted so far and vote for the one you would like to see made.

If you know of any aspiring designers, budding stylists make sure to let them know and support the talent!

Deadline: 31st August 2011.

For details on how to register for this competition log onto::

Images: Silk Route Clothing ©

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