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Sanum Ghafoor

19 year old Sanum Ghafoor, a university student in London is now notorious for starting the popular #blamethemuslims Twitter hashtag which ‘trended’ globally for 48 hours just a few days ago. We spoke to Sanum the day after, and got the full story about why she did it, and what she thinks of the reaction the hashtag provoked.

Sanum has since been featured on global television network Al-Jazeera, and in the mainstream press including The Washington Post, CNN and on a multitude of blogs across the Internet.

Sanum on her Twitter feed said that she started the hashtag to highlight how ridiculous it is to “…blame Muslims for every problem around the world”. She raised these issues albeit in a satirical way using intelligent irony, with Tweets like “My Internet is slow #blamethemuslims”, “Are you paying too much for your car insurance? #blamethemuslims” and Friday by Rebecca Black? #blamethemuslims”. Blogger Clare Neruda described the hashtag as “funny, witty, self-deprecating and intelligently ironic”.

Blame the Muslims Tweets

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Blame the Muslims Tweets

During Sanum’s Aljazeera interview, Zeya Meral, Turkish Author and Blogger said that it was “a Perfect reflection on all of the prejudices we have while we’re trying to understand a completely complex world where we are all trying to find a ‘scapegoat’ where we can neatly and tidily find something which we can clearly blame”. He to describe how what Sanum did unwittingly reflects the real life consequences where we completely ostracise millions of people around the world as an “intellectual failure”. It was also said that the hash tag played to the kind of bias that is “common in this type of coverage” and which is widely accepted.

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