Asda Customers Help Muslim Aid Raise £11k For Africa

Muslim Aid volunteers fundraise for Africa at British Asda stores

What can't you get at a British supermarket? Service with a smile? Life-time guarantees? How about the goodwill to support a noble cause?

That is what shoppers at Asda superstores across the UK have been doing for the British charity Muslim Aid. During Ramadan, the 30 day Muslim month of fasting, Muslim Aid's Ramadan Campaign raised over £11,000 from customer donations, which will go towards tackling global poverty this Ramadan.

Community shopping
Muslim Aid volunteers visited Asda stores in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham in August during the month of fasting with community service on their to-do lists. The volunteers helped Asda customers pack their shopping and collected donations for the charity’s Ramadan campaign.

In the 15 Asda stores that took part in the programme, Muslim Aid volunteers spent one or two days at each store raising awareness about the work Muslim Aid does around the world, especially on-going emergencies such as the drought in the Horn of Africa.

Eid at Asda
To mark the end of the Ramadan campaign and celebrate Eid with customers, five Asda superstores in London and Birmingham also held special Eid parties on Saturday, 3rd September. Activities at the Asda Eid celebrations included face painting, henna artistes and special Eid gift boxes were given to all visiting children. Customers were also treated to special recitals by internationally renowned Islamic Nasheed singers group, Labbayk.

Sultan Ahmed from Muslim Aid said:
"We’re thankful to Asda customers and Asda colleagues for their support during Ramadan to raise money for disadvantaged communities around the world. Here in the UK we take for granted access to clean water, food and housing, whereas in many countries the basic necessities of life are simply not available or too costly to procure. Muslim Aid is committed to providing long-term sustainable solutions which help to alleviate poverty and Asda customers can be proud to have helped make a difference."
Where does the money go?
The £11,000 donated from customers will go towards providing life saving tools and food to alleviating the suffering of thousands of men, women and children affected by the droughts in East Africa. But now that the Ramadan campaign has ended, the poverty hasn't. Muslim Aid is continuing its fundraising efforts through developing sustainable solutions and national projects to help tackle the deepening crisis and restore stability.

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