Men's Magazine 'Muslim Quarterly' Revives Halal Sexuality

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We brought you the launch of Muslim children's magazine, Little Explorers. Based in the United Kingdom, SISTERS Magazine is exclusively for fabulous women.

Again, we bring one of the world's first Muslim men's magazines: Muslim Quarterly.

In the latest publication, Muslim Quarterly pierces into the truth of real manhood, men's health and the hottest topic in Muslim circles: marriage.

The Chicago based magazine claims to be the first to address social, physical and spiritual challenges faced by American Muslim men.

Published quarterly, the magazine is currently shipped to most international borders and is available for a ridiculously low price ($15.00).

Taking an Islamic and human angle to Muslim issues, Muslim Quarterly is unique in its niche. It aims to collaborate wisdoms from the Qur'an - Islam's holy scripture - in a print that is approachable for young Muslim adults. While in previous issues some never-before seen topics of make-up on men hit the surface, the summer 2011 neutral cover is just a delicious byte of the juicy and "Islamic" articles underneath.

Muslim Quarterly covers E-affairs, 'messing on the internet', four must haves in a spouse and foods to boost sexual appetite. If the featured titles are anything to go buy, I have only one thing to say: phoar.

And yes, that is Ummah Film's producer Baba Ali on the front cover.

Check it out for yourself and subscribe. We have.

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