Reflecting On Our Ramadans Gone

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With Eid celebrations well under way and the month of Shawaal now upon us, each day that passes by takes with it a small part of the legacy of Ramadan. As time separates us from the blessed month, we are presented with another opportunity to test our faith and enhance our spirituality.

Many of us experienced a spiritual high during Ramadan, no matter how much or how little we were able to achieve, we all experienced a sense of peace and spiritual enlightenment at one moment or another. No words can describe that feeling of satisfaction and contentment that Ramadan brings with it.

During the past few weeks we were able to sacrifice food and drink all day; we controlled our needs, our wants and were still able to stand in prayer at night. We woke up a little earlier, slept later, at times we didn't sleep at all but I know most of us learned something about ourselves during it.

It's important to look back and reflect on what we were able to achieve during Ramadan. If we push ourselves to our limits during Ramadan, what is stopping us from continuing that lifestyle outside of Ramadan? Ask yourself. I believe it's a lack of motivation.

Reflecting on Ramadan shows us our real potential to excel in prayers, charity, kindness and above all, patience. Patience with ourselves, patience with others, patience in God. It may have been down to Allah's mercy and blessings that descended and boosted our faith but the real change came from within ourselves. We all made an effort, we all experienced the change and Insha'Allah, God willing, we will all be rewarded for that.

The month may be gone but our efforts and achievements shouldn't end with it. Waking up for fajr may not be as easy any more, and I'm speaking from experience here - it's all good and rewarding to do it for 30 days with a community and festive spirit but the true test comes the day after Eid. The first day when we're all recovering from the celebrations and feasting. I believe it's our actions during the first few days after Ramadan that determine whether we are able to maintain our spirituality and carry on the legacy of Ramadan throughout the year.

After a month of hard work and dedication, take a little break to adjust your routine. Perhaps make up for some lost sleep and enjoy the festivities of Eid. As we celebrate our achievements and return to our normal daily life, remember the month of Ramadan, remember what we achieved, remember the effort we made and remember the peace and contentment we experienced. And reflect on how we got there.

May Allah accept our efforts, allow us to maintain our faith through the year and may we witness many more blessed months Insha'Allah.

And remember: “The deeds most loved by Allah are those done consistently, even if they are small.”

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