Shah Rukh Khan Celebrates Eid With Fans

Shahrukh Khan visits Toronto City Hall
Born to a Muslim family but raised as a Hindu, 'My Name Is Khan' actor Shahrukh Khan shares his childhood memories of Eid with family.

The video, in Hindi, has a brief transcript below.

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"You can all come to mine, at 6 we'll pray! And we'll make a du`a for everyone's well being and freedom.

When I was younger we used to attend the Eid namaz (prayer, Farsi/Hindi). It's unfortunate that I haven't been able to attend the prayers here in Bombay, so I pray at home or with friends.

I have two strong memories for Eid; once after filming, we were in the Egyptian desert (singing a song!) and it was the Eid celebrations. Absolutely nobody was in the desert, for 100km it was deserted. There were just 50 of us and we gathered to pray Eid salah there.

I also remember when my father and uncle took me on a 2 wheeler, and our sandals would get stolen or lost. We used to go for the Eid festival in south Delhi, my father would take me, and that is really important because as I get older I hope to take my son."

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