Veto Films Creates 'Just The Face' Documentary On France Burqah Ban

Battling the ban - Muslim women share their experiences in Veto Film's production, Just The Face 

Nelly Moussaid, world karate champion, is a young woman from Marseilles who has chosen to wear the full face veil, the niqab.

Since the September 2010 ban of face-coverings in France however, Nelly and many other woman have found themselves caught between the law and their religious beliefs.

'Just the Face' (Veto Films) is an incisive documentary following five French woman as they struggle with the ban, exploring the issue through contribution from journalists and international academics.

The film is directed by French-Algerian Yacine Helali with over 15 years of international experience in television, and produced by Stephen Lee (Veto Films) and award-winning Andy Jones (BBC2, Channel 4).

Just The Face not only delivers a compelling insight into the lives of the French Muslim women who are directly affected, but also presents exclusive inner thoughts and controversial arguments of politicians, police officers, activists and academics from both sides of the ban.

The film looks into the complex issue of what the ban means for France's image, its people and for the rest of the world as other countries including the United Kingdom may implement the ban.

‘Star of the Niqab’ Kenza Drider is a high profile activist and media critic of the passed law. "This whole law makes France look ridiculous," she says.

"I never thought I'd see the day when France, my France, the country I was born in and I love, the country of liberté, égalité, fraternité, would do something that so obviously violates people's freedom." {The Guardian}

The film follows karate world champion Nelly Moussaid (shown in trailer); housewife and mother Fatima; fashion designer Karima; and ex-hippie Laurence.

The film will show first hand how these women are coping with this law, and what happens when they can't. Will they fight or subvert the law, will they withdraw into their homes or simply find ways to adapt?

As ordinary women are caught between the law and their religious beliefs, Just The Face presents the extraordinary passion and sacrifice that is involved.

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Just The Face is being launched later this year and still require public attention and funds. "We are asking friends and family like you to kindly help us keep this project alive by making a donation. Large or small, any contribution will truly help and is always highly appreciated." - Yacine Helali, Veto Films.

Make it Happen: {Indiegogo - Just The Face

You can also help by forwarding this appeal and sharing with friends.


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