Design Molvi Makes Radical Islamic Clothing

design molvi printed islamic tshirts
MUSLIMNESS wears Design Molvi's latest Dawah t-shirt, 'Muslim Fun-damentalist'

'Design Molvi' are a British based design store that sells casual wear inspired by Islamic humour. Their colourful and provocative t-shirts carry ethical messages which according to the site, aims to "put the cool back into t-shirt wearing".

'Molvi' is the South-East Asian word for a religious leader, usually associated with the stern mosque teachers who are stereotypically imported from India and Pakistan to teach young European and American Muslims about their Islamic faith. A 'design' molvi however, which I imagine would resemble a salwar-kameez wearing bearded man on a skateboard, is a great comical addition to Islamic Dawah.

To see how their designs work in the field of Dawah, promoting the Islamic message, we tried out their hottest new t-shirt with the ironic slogan: Muslim Fun-damentalist.

Design Molvi pokes fun at this term like Riz MC's controversial 9/11 Blues song from 2006. In an in-your-face-I'm-here-to-stay attitude, it's silly. But that's what makes it work.

The term 'fundamentalist' is not a negative word. In any dictionary you'll read that fundamentalism is a form of Protestant Christianity which believes in the strict and literal interpretation of the Bible. This can also be applied to Islam as Muslims are supposed to follow the fundamental doctrine of the Qur'an - from which Islamic law is founded (Shariah).

Fast forward to the 21st century though, and all you hear on television, the internet and newspapers is "watch out for those radical Muslims, they'll eat your children!"

I tested the tee out for a day. Walking in public, into shops and the post-office where the slogan was visible, the majority of people turned to look at me for just a few seconds longer. I smiled at them, most smiled back. The message was made obvious by those who got the joke but some may have found it distasteful as I could tell by their frowns.

The good news is that the Muslim Fun-damentalist messageworks. It gets attention, it's ludicrously bright coloured and it has the potential to start dialogue. The only minute criticism would lie in the weave of the 100% cotton which tends to attract dust fluff and a note to the ladies: buy a medium and large sized t-shirt to layer over a full sleeved top.

design molvi printed islamic tshirts
Finding faith in fashion - Muslims love Jesus too

Amongst Design Molvi's portfolio are their flagship tee "Smile, It's Sunnah", spreading the infectious prophetic positivity, and "Salah, Just Pray It", a spin on Nike's cult-like following. In current financial stresses their "Islam: 0% Interest" reflects the surge in Islamic banking.

With a huge Facebook membership and international customers, design Molvi is quickly becoming a popular brand in the Muslim market. We wish them the best of success, insha'Allah, God willing.

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