Twins Of Faith At Excel Is Britain's Biggest Business And Creative Conference

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The Twins of Faith world class exhibition will showcase British Islamic businesses and provide unique family services

Have you heard about the BIGGEST Islamic event happening in the United Kingdom this year? We introduce you to the mega conference in the capital: Twins of Faith.

Canadian Muslim organisation Mercy Mission, are the grand organisers behind 'Twins of Faith', the largest Muslim event of 2011. A spectacular host of renowned Muslim scholars and performers will keep attendees alert in the aims of spiritual motivation; while in the background a whole host of educational programs, children's arenas and creative workshops are taking place. It sounds epic and we hope to see you there!

What's goin' on?
  • Conferences
Seminars stemming from a religious ethic will target more mature audiences. Released seminar titles include 'For The Love of God' where a series of interactive workshops will address how Muslim believers can strengthen their relationship with God and other people.

Social issues are to be covered as life in the United Kingdom was regrettably altered by the recent London riots. Coaching and personal advice is being prepared for members in order to return home with build-bridging skills and loving one's community. Just as the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, added value to his community, the Twins of Faith conference sessions hope to regenerate trust and reliability in our daily lives.

  • World business and Islamic exhibition and bazaar
A packed exhibition of diverse interests from product companies to free services is predicting over 5,000 delegates. Expect to see halal brands and ethical products to really add value to your time. Iconic Muslim speakers will be situated somewhere within the bazaar  (shopping) area - keep a look out!

Life coaching, Islamic finance and business advice and halal companies will all be open to meet a variety of people's needs at an array of workshops dotted around the bazaar area.

In addition, a buzz is surrounding the Islamic Exhibitions that will feature world Islamic art and historic artifacts. More Islamic museums are opening around the world, so what better way than to experience Islamic history as it happened.

  • Artistic workshops
This Ramadan season, Ramadan TV broadcasted the world's first adhan (call to Muslim prayer) in British Sign Language. With the ever popular 'question and answer' program with presenters from Ramadan TV, shaykhs will available for one-to-one advisory meetings, allowing attendees to get their questions answered. A great opportunity to ask for validation of a personal struggle.

A Muslim women's creative writing class will launch to spark budding authors and journalists. Despite previous experience, the Twins of Faith workshop for 'sisters' will guide participants through a series of exploratory exercises. Personal style will no doubt be called for flair as Muslim women with talent will use their imagination and language styles to begin a path of professional writing.

In addition, a productive muslim workshop will cram some time management tips for making a bang-on life-to-do-list for family, work and acts of worship, and sticking to it! This will be an especially important workshop if you're an environmental or political Muslim activist.

  • Little Explorer Land (also for grown-ups)
The Twins of Faith is a family event and will provide entertainment for children of all ages. So what better way for children to enjoy themselves than to enter into the land of Little Explorers Magazine where "Uncle Jawad" will be keep little ones engaged in a world full of rides, bouncy castles and other activities to suit toddlers (and teenagers and adults who can get away with it too!)

The grown ups won't be disappointed as several obstacle courses have been arranged for an intensive health and fitness work out. A Mega Challenge Assault Course combines inflatables with games for a fun competition for the entire family. Rubber slides, sumo wrestling and a giant human football table are also in the mix - a halal and legitimate reason to revert to childhood, no doubt.

  • Marriage & Family Workshop
Renowned Islamic scholar Shaykh Alaa El-Sayed will offer an exclusive workshop on how Muslims can create and build a happy family, from the art of open communication to dealing with in-laws. If you're single and Muslim, you'll want to participate in the marriage talks.

  • Children’s Nasheed Competition: 
To round of the entire shebang, a nasheed competition of Islamic music and hymns will see schools competing to win the award for the best recital. Highlights of the day's entertainment include poetry and songs from Abdullah Rolle, American poet Boona Mohammed and Pakistani singer Junaid Jamshed.

Get Involved At Twins Of Faith
For anyone wanting to get involved either through organisational efforts or volunteering, the event managers are recruiting active members of the public. Read the Mercy Mission volunteer newsletter for details and contact

Date: Saturday, 19th November 2011
Venue: Excel, London. {Interactive tube map}

Book tickets for the Twins of Faith 

Official website {Twins of Faith, Inspiring Positive Change}


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