MyPeace Launches Australia's First Islamic TV Ad

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There's been growing emphasis in Australia on the separation of religion from schools, government and other public sectors. Educational ministers proposed an overhaul of the regulation surrounding religious celebrations in public schools including banning Easter and Christmas celebrations, reports The Age.

Australia now has a Prime Minister - Julia Gillard - who doesn't believe in God, and it seems religion has taken a back seat in the public eye, only creeping up on Current Affair shows. So, until only a few weeks ago, the thought of propagating a particular religious thought through mainstream media was a pipe dream.

Major Religions Air Television Ads
The first Mormon ads aired on local Australian television recently and I my wife asked me if I thought we'd ever witness Islamic TV advertisements in the future. My response was pessimistic with a slight hint of hope.

With the questionable media coverage Islam currently gets, a whole advertisement set to promote the faith seemed far-fetched.

The Mormon ads (video) were marketed well, linking faith in science to faith in God, simple and effective. A few years back, I probably wouldn't have reflected on the ads as I didn't have any knowledge of the Mormon faith. Having worked with people of the Mormon faith for over a year now, the ads appeal to me because I can relate to both, the people and the faith. I thought to myself,

If there ever were Islamic television ads in Australia, they should be shown the modern Mormon way – steering away for traditional preaching and text book Da’wah.

To my amazement, a few weeks later the first Islamic TV ad aired on local television.

Successful Islamic TV Ad
The advertisement itself is a MyPeace campaign based in Sydney. Famously known for the 'Jesus Is A Prophet Of Islam' billboards, MyPeace's Facebook page has raked over 10k members for launching similar posters, and illustrating over forty buses with Islam's principles.

Now, the first Australian Islamic television promo takes advantage of thirty seconds, sharing three key points based on Islam's holy scripture, the Qur'an and the collected teachings of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him - the sunnah.

The final message is one of community peace and understanding, promoting aspects of Islam that the average person wouldn't even consider.

An awareness of Islam is promoted through human rights and eliminating poverty. Emphasis is given to show the similarities between "Australian" and "Islamic" values; they are not mutually exclusive.

As a television advertisement, good use of a voice-over creates the perfect dramatic overlay to a subtle yet concise message. A message of religious tolerance and care.

Australian Islam Works
As an Australian Muslim, I don't believe the advertisement could have been done any better in design and content.

I was impressed when I read about it online and was amazed when it aired on network television a few weeks later. It will take more than a thirty-second television ad to address the misconceptions of Islam but this is a great start, it's the right start.

The campaign makes me proud to be an Australian Muslim.

Link to Australia's first Islamic ad video {}

Find more about Islam in Australia {MyPeace}

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