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Islamic singing group Labbayk stay true to the nasheed genre of performing without music. Heba Saeed reviews their latest album, Oh My Lord.

Labbayk, Arabic for 'here I am', is the beautiful name adopted for one of the world's few music-free nasheed groups. But there is many a good thing to praise in the beautiful company of Labbayk, apart from their name.

The nasheed group is based in London, although its members are far from your average Briton. Nearly always clad in white, the members of Labbayk, Masum, Ehsaan and Imran bring unique accents and melodies which make a remembrance (dhikr) in their own right.

Labbayk officially formed their group in 2004 and have been performing at world class Islamic events and conferences. The group has tightly followed the traditional route of nasheeds, excluding all musical instruments and depending entirely on vocal harmonies.

You could say they feed 'two birds with one scone' (to be more animal friendlier); after their first charity album, Labbayk produced the multilingual O' My Lord, sung by a variety of artists and in four different languages. This brought to my mind the great investment of deeds found in our deen, Islam.

Their latest album appears to be built on the simple concept of "niyyah", Arabic for intention, saying that a tiny deed begun in God's name (the tasmiyah) can intertwine with another and populate other deeds as well.

The tracks on Rhymes of Praise are also very peaceful. The Wedding nasheed, my favorite, is very jovial, reflecting the merriness of newly weds in Islam who are completing half of their deen. SubhanAllah, meaning glory be to God, is the third out of all eight tracks and a delightful dhikr, using Muslim phrases to remind listeners of God.

nasheed islamic music labbayk

Labbayk's young singers try to teach people through these light hearted reminders. They are delighting, if put in the Sydney-ian way.

One substantial tool that I noticed from Labbayk, they do not forget to publish their lyrics on their web page. It saves you the time spent Googling a song just because your ear is hearing homonyms all the time!

May Allah endow them and the listeners with barakaat (blessings) in time and health.

Official site {Labbayk Nasheeds}

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